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I just wanted to leave a quick review of Michelle’s Goodreads review service. I asked her to help me find reviewers in M/M so I could launch a new book on a new penname with at least a few reviews. She gave me more contacts than I paid for, and sorted them all by the book they reviewed that was closest in style to mine, their review score, and also notes about whether or not they were prolific reviewers, bloggers, etc.

As always, Michelle is professional and her spreadsheets are just gorgeous. Super easy to read, and a huge help to stay organized.

Highly recommended service!



Amazing promotional services! I hired Michelle to design graphics and run a Facebook ad campaign for a new release and she was above and beyond helpful!! I had incredible results with my book and appreciated all she had to teach me.:)

Jaden Wilkes


Michelle did three things for me back when she first started offering this promo service. 1) Built up an incredibly detailed list of vendors organized by price, submission requirements, ROI. 2) Organized a massive list of FB groups 3) Gave me ad space in her ARC newsletter.

The lists would have taken me hours to compile and the info on ROI helped me craft a marketing plan that cost me $175 and made me jump from $850 to $1850 (yeah, talk about ROI).

Authors: We can’t do everything ourselves. We have to value our own time and invest in outsourcing bits and pieces of the work to other people. CEO’s don’t do all the micro tasks, they manage the big picture.

Emma Alisyn


Your Book Deserves the Best!

Stop wasting time and money on:

  • Promotions that don’t work
  • Covers that don’t sell
  • Reviewers who don’t like your genre!

We Give You:

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CheckboxReviewers hungry for your book

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Why You Need Help!

Traditional publishers have dozens of staff. Doesn’t your book deserve the same treatment? No one person can be expected to learn all there is to know about independent publishing over night. With half a decade of experience, Pathforgers Publishing will help you give your book the all-star treatment.

Great for Beginners & Experts

No matter what level you are at, our systems work.

Even if you have tons of experience, let us save you the time and hassle of doing it all yourself. After all, you should be writing your next masterpiece! There are plenty of scams out there that don’t deliver a decent product. We’ve head stories of people spending thousands of dollars on subpar editing and covers that look like a child made them. As independent publishers ourselves, we have studied the market, have kept up to date with trends and changes, and truly want to see you succeed!

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