Project Management GANTT Spreadsheet for Authors



Are you an indie author that’s feeling overwhelmed by how many tasks you need to keep on top of?

Are you having an impossible time managing all your schedules and what needs to be done by when?

After struggling with the same problems for over 6 years, and failing to find project management software that works for a one-person operation, I’ve developed a highly customizable, eyecatching, easy to understand spreadsheet to help solve this problem. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a step in your publishing process again.

Managing multiple releases, and a growing backlist, quickly becomes a juggling act of epic proportions. Quickly see what’s coming up for the next couple of months, make sure you’re staying on top of your work, and never forgetting to make your backlist work for you!

For my releases, there are over 150 tasks I have to complete. It’s so easy for things to slip between the cracks, and to forget what I need to focus on next. Since using this spreadsheet, I no longer feel the constant stress and anxiety of forgetting something important, or not knowing where to put my energy.

We all know that we have to work our backlist, but how do we keep track of what book we last promoted? How do we keep track of what we need to do for each promotion? Every time, I felt like I was scrambling at the last minute instead of feeling in control of what I’m promoting and what my goals are for the promotion.

This spreadsheet will save you time, let you better plan your days, and help you see things you didn’t previously see in your workflow. If you’re constantly feeling frazzled or overwhelmed, constantly struggling to stay on top of everything, and managing a lot of yearly releases — or a lot of staff that support you — this spreadsheet is just what you need.

I’ve compared other project management software, and nothing can so easily allow you to cascade tasks, create dependencies, and spit out so much data with so little time investment from you to get it up and running.

Even more, I’ve not been able to find a single option that gave me what I wanted for less than $30/month.

This spreadsheet is yours to own and download forever. You’ll get free updates when a new version is released. There’s no monthly fee, and I’ve allowed a sliding scale so that you can pay what you can afford.

All you need to do after downloading is fill in the Calculations sheet, modify your release dates and last promoted dates, and tweak how many hours each task will take you. From there you can see if you’re stretching yourself too thin, or if you’re not challenging yourself enough. Change the hours each task takes as you streamline your process, rearrange tasks, add in tasks and remove tasks as you see fit.

The best part? As you make changes to the main sheet, your individual release sheet will cascade your dates! Need to push your release date out? No problem. Need to change your cover reveal day? Everything you need to do that will change as well. The cells will light up when a task is coming due, and when something is past the due date, it’ll turn red so you’ll always be able to tell, at a glance, what your urgent tasks are.

Not only that, but this sheet is made with a healthy work/life balance in mind. Weekends are darkened to encourage you to book around those, and the current week is highlighted in green to help you easily see what the current weekly focus should be.

This spreadsheet is compatible with Microsoft Excel (Windows), Libre Office (Windows) and Libre Office (Mac). It isĀ not compatible with Google Sheets or Numbers (Mac)


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