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Finding reviewers isn’t always easy, but you need reviews for booking promotion and giving your book a professional edge. That means that finding fast reviewers who review frequently in your genre and typically has a positive impression of books similar to yours is vital.

This service will give you a list of goodreads reviewers who have a 4+ star average rating, and has given books similar to yours a 4-5 star review. With this list, you can generally expect a 25-35% response rate, or higher if your blurb and cover is on point!

To increase the likelihood of getting 100 reviews on launch, I’d suggest sending to at least 300 people and send the ARC copies 2 weeks in advance of your launch, with a link to a paperback copy of your book.

It will be your responsibility to contact the reviewers, as messages coming from the author tend to come off as more approachable. For an additional fee I can help you draft a form letter. Customizing the letter for each person is best and I will make note of what book they reviewed and what star rating they gave it. I will also give you an example of a google form for ARCers to sign up using.

Contacting 300 people on Goodreads will take a minimum of 20 days (as Goodreads limits you to only send 15 PMs / 24 hours). Because of this, I suggest booking at least 1 month in advance of actually sending your ARCs!

This is the method I primarily used to get 450 ARC signups on a new penname.

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    If you’re looking for a list of potential reviewers, seriously contact Michelle. I feel like I asked her for a list of reviewers 10 seconds ago and she’s already gotten back to me with 23% more than I paid for.


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