FAQ & Copyright


Pathforgers Publishing cannot guarantee their work will result in increased sales, borrows, or reviews. They provide useful tools to authors to help empower them and increase their earnings, but cannot guarantee this will happen. Pathforgers Publishing approaches all contracts with a desire to help their client grow and improve, and will not give any advice or recommendations that they would not personally feel comfortable doing themselves.

Pathforgers Publishing will always operate in good faith with clients.

Client understands that no person/entity can guarantee results.


All artwork designed by Pathforgers Publishing and Wicked Good Covers is copyright Michelle Keep and must be attributed as such. As authors, we understand the frustration of paying a cover and requiring small tweaks, as such, the .psd file is included for free with every design package.

Mockups remain full copyright of Michelle Keep and may be used for future clients or as a premade cover available for purchase. Finished covers may be used as an example of work completed in advertising of Pathforgers Publishing and Wicked Good Covers.

Client’s Responsibilities:

The Client is free to use the design for any promotional purpose once payment has been made and the final design has been handed over.

Client must attribute Cover Artwork – (c) 2015 Michelle Keep of Pathforgers Publishing (https://pathforgers.com) within their book copyright page. If custom photos were used, client must also attribute model and photographer. Paperback designs will include design information in the bottom right corner, and this is not to be removed or tampered with.

Client may not resell or reuse .psd file for any other purpose than minor tweaks and modifications for Client’s personal use. Client may not use an ebook cover designed by https://pathforgers.com to design a paperback cover or create a series based on a single ebook.

Payment must be made through Paypal. The Kitchen Sink or Platinum Packages may be paid in installments if required.

Stock photos include a standard use license which limits sales to 499,999 units. If you foresee yourself selling above that limit, please contact us.

Designer’s Rights:

Pathforgers Publishing and Wicked Good Covers reserves the right to reuse stock photos, textures, fonts, and design elements used in other design work, however no final copy will be reused for another client.


If you cancel before there is an approved mockup, your deposit will be refunded to you.

If you cancel after there is an approved mockup, for any other reason other than the fault of the designer (e.g. if product is not delivered within the agreed upon time), a portion of your fee will be held to cover the cost of work completed and purchased stock photography.