Redeeming Viktor – Alexis Abbott


“When was the last time you were in a club?” I ask as we both settle in.

“It’s been four years,” he says without missing a beat, and if I needed another clue, that was it. That’s the maximum tour length for military guys, and I guess that makes me his first stop back. “Been away working, needed a reminder of what it’s like to look at beautiful women. Wasn’t counting on an overdose though, so be prepared to call for assistance carting me out,” he jokes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you,” I say as I straddle his lap.

But for a second, I forget where I am. It’s almost like a skip in time, and I’m staring at this gorgeous man, feeling his body against mine, wrapping my arms around his neck, and it all just feels right.

Like it’s fate. Like it’s meant to be.

I know it sounds cheesy. I’m not really one to believe in signs, or at least, I never did until now.

I shake my head to try to chase away the strange shock, but I’m still staring at the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, and I gotta be honest.
It feels a little like love.

I know it’s not. I don’t even know him, but if love at first sight exists, this has to be what it feels like.

“I never got your name,” I say softly, still stunned by the weird experience.

“Viktor,” he says, and he doesn’t mind in the least that I’m not really dancing for him. His two big, rough hands rest on my hips, not groping where he shouldn’t but squeezing me ever so slightly. “My dad was a Ukrainian immigrant, that’s where the name comes from. Just so you know I’m not the creator of Frankenstein,” he says, his nostrils flaring, taking in my scent as he stares. Soaks me in.

That makes me genuinely, earnestly laugh. I never expected him to have a bit of literary humor in him, and I have to cover my mouth as my eyes still sparkle at him. Why couldn’t I have met him out of the club?

“That’s terrible. But I’m Aphrodite. And I really am the Goddess of lust and romance.”

“Knew it without you saying a thing, and don’t doubt it for a second,” he says without missing a beat, and again, I know he means it. Not the least of which because I can feel the real results of his desire beneath me as I sit in his lap. A hefty bulge right there in my perch. “From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I was in the presence of divinity. If I was a smarter man maybe I would’ve hightailed it out before you could turn me into your newest and greatest worshipper.”

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